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Phenotypic Screening Services

We develop customized and optimal service solutions for you

We have partnered with industry, academia, and government organizations to dramatically shorten the drug identification process using our powerful and accurate assay technologies. Beyond offering an extensive catalog of assays, our commitment extends to offering a personalized approach. An experienced Project Manager will evaluate your project’s chance of success and collaborate with you to develop a customized assay in the technology format of your choice, specifically designed for the target(s) you aim to explore.

With us, your custom assay project gains access to a dedicated team of scientific experts focused on you and your target(s), all within a framework of strict confidentiality. We carefully evaluate what’s possible and determine the most accurate and time-efficient path to uncover the answers you are seeking.

With three custom assay options, there is an approach for any need:

  • Biochemical assays: We utilize only purified reagents for enzyme assays, protein quantification, or protein-protein interaction assays to elucidate your target’s biology.
  • ELISA conversion for higher throughput: We can convert any of your ELISA assays into an AlphaLISA, DELFIA®, or HTRF® format, thus eliminating time-consuming and expensive steps.
  • Cell-based assays: This customized solution will work with your specific cells. The reagents are carefully selected and optimized on your lysates to ensure consistent, reliable, and high-quality results on your preferred cell model. 

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