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Functional Genomic Screening

Everything you need to accelerate the identification and characterization of your therapeutic approach

Functional genomic screens enable the interrogation of thousands of genes in a single experiment to identify genetic pathways, cellular processes, mechanisms of action, and novel targets.

With drug approval rates at approximately 10% our integrated CRISPR screening solution can help increase the likelihood of clinical trial success by providing you with genetic insights to assist you with your decision making.

Offering flexible options with pooled and arrayed screening capabilities, thorough project design, results based on reliable, repeatable data, and advanced cell models and assays. 

Arrayed screens

Utilizing synthetic CRISPR and siRNA reagents on a one-gene per-well basis, offering the benefits of multi-parametric read-outs and clear phenotype-to-genotype correlation.

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Pooled screens

Employing lentiviral libraries in highly multiplexed screens that offer long assay windows and a variety of phenotype readouts.

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CRISPR screens

Offering genome-wide interrogation of gene function with CRISPR knockout, CRISPR inhibition, CRISPR activation and Dual CRISPRi/a screening.

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Single-cell CRISPR screens

Performing high-throughput CRISPR screening followed by single-cell analysis to provide critical gene information on how cellular subpopulations will respond to treatment.

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