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Compound Screening Assays

Assess therapeutic immunogenicity with optimized compound screening assays

Therapeutic lead optimization is a critical and challenging step in drug development that’s often a complex and time-consuming procedure when assessing primary immune cells.  

Our suite of primary immune cell screening ImmuSignature assays can screen compounds in an in-vitro simulated immune microenvironment, helping move hits into high-quality leads.  

These standardized assays have been specifically developed and validated to provide data from 4 weeks and feature:

  • Extensive primary immune cell QC
  • Statistically robust data sets
  • Multiple physiological readouts
  • HTRF® technology
  • Miniaturized semi-automated 3854 well platform 
Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay

Rapidly identify agents that modulate APC-mediated T cell activation in high-throughput.

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T Cell Activation (TCA) assay

Isolate the effect of compounds that promote or block cell proliferation and T-cell activity.

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iTreg suppression assay

Efficiently identify therapeutic candidates that influence the suppression of T effector cells.

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iTreg polarization assay

Assess the impairment of T Lymphocyte regulatory cells and the effectiveness of therapeutic candidates.

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