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Pin-point Base Editing Services

Pin-point™ base editing services enable multiple genes of interest to be targeted simultaneously, efficiently, and accurately

Our base editing services can help advance your research and therapeutic development toward the clinic by providing precise, controlled changes in specific target sequences.

Choose services that can improve cell viability and survival over traditional CRISPR methods. Make systematic changes to gene sequences and evaluate protein function, study drug-gene interactions, or design optimal targets for amino acid modification and gene knockouts.

With our services, you can benefit from:

  • Precise edits with clear and predictable mutations
  • Improved safety for therapeutic applications
  • No random mutations  
  • High viability  
  • Ideal for iPSCs 
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Functional genomic screening

Providing screens to tile guide RNAs across entire gene sequences, enabling the generation of precise C-to-T mutations. This facilitates the selection of guides for therapeutic applications, identification of critical amino acids in structure-function analysis, examination of ligand binding relationships in drug candidate screening, and validation of target identity. 

Multiplexed gene knockout

The ability to make complex edits in a single editing experiment allows for the knockout of multiple genes in a single clonal cell line. This helps reduce experimental timelines and improve turnaround times, while also limiting cell viability challenges. Utilize multiplexed gene knockout for improved disease modeling, target validation, and biological pathway analysis. 

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