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Hey…Walkaway on the Automated Side


Small Molecule Drug Discovery
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Hey…walkaway on the automated side.

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The success of drug discovery labs lies in optimized workflows. Countless hours and valuable resources are often spent on physically preparing and loading plates into readers-that time could be spent analyzing data or researching a novel, potentially breakthrough target.

There’s a constant hunt for new, effective vaccines that could replace current, commonly used ones that viruses have developed a resistance to-and plate readers are commonly used to study viral mutations in vaccine research.

One important step of viral, and subsequently vaccine, research is the quantification of viral DNA libraries using plate readers. Once a viral genome is detected, isolated, multiplied, and purified, it must be quantified and then sequenced. Then, scientists can build genomic trees using the known viral genomes to build libraries that will help develop treatments and vaccines.

However, microplate handling can be extremely time consuming and requires repetitive manual labor. Automating that workflow not only gives that time back to scientists, but also takes the risk of human error out of the equation, which conserves reagents and materials.

The VICTOR® Nivo multimode plate reader with stacker can set up walkaway automation – increasing the overall efficiency of your lab and accelerating your next drug discovery. The instrument can be digitally controlled and monitored remotely, allowing for true walkaway experiments.

Research teams across the globe have been working on tracing the COVID-19 pandemic, including the virus’s mutations to establish a trail of infection. By sequencing genomes of different COVID-19 cases around the world, scientists can define a pattern of infection and try to understand where specific mutations happened.

Adaptable, the VICTOR Nivo system can also be used to detect Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence Intensity, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization and our own Alpha technology. Plus, the instrument software is designed for compliance in regulated environments. With the VICTOR Nivo and stacker, you can perform your everyday assays, future-proof your lab, and accelerate your workflow for introducing treatments to market.


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