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Cell and Gene Therapy
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The future of cell and gene therapy: Revvity at ASGCT.

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As we prepare for the upcoming American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) meeting, we had a brief conversation with two of Revvity’s experts, Dr. Michelle Fraser and Dr. Anis Khimani. Together, they discussed the dynamic landscape of cell and gene therapy and how Revvity’s pioneering technologies and services are catalyzing advancements in the field.

Can you tell us about Revvity and its role in the cell and gene therapy space?

Dr. Khimani: Our role is to be a catalyst for progress, helping to make breakthroughs using our advanced technologies and expertise.

Revvity is all about being right there on the front lines of cell and gene therapy, offering complete solutions for every step of the process. We've a solid foundation of experience and innovation within our teams, providing a whole range of products and services to support researchers and clinicians as they work towards developing transformative therapies

What exciting developments can attendees expect to see from Revvity at the ASGCT event?

Dr. Khimani: Attendees can look forward to experiencing our latest innovations, including new platforms for gene editing, advanced viral vector engineering, development, and manufacturing/QA-QC solutions, and next-generation analytics tools. We are excited to showcase how our integrated approaches are helping accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of cell and gene therapies, and support to making treatments more efficient, safe, and accessible.

How does Revvity's approach to innovation differ from other companies in this space?

Dr. Fraser: What sets Revvity apart is our A-to-Z approach to innovation, fusing rigorous scientific research with practical, real-world applications.

We prioritize not just the development of new tools, but also their integration into cohesive systems to enhance cell and gene therapy workflows, addressing the multifaceted needs of our customers. With our collaborative mindset and commitment to quality, we're not just developing products but actively contributing to the future of healthcare across diagnostics and life sciences.

Looking towards the future, is Revvity planning to continue contributing to cell and gene therapy?

Dr. Fraser: We're investing deeply into research, as well as teaming up with others to help our partners and customers explore new therapeutic modalities, fine-tune how treatments get delivered, and make the whole development and production process smoother.

Our aim? To lead the charge in the next big medical breakthroughs, remain at the forefront of the industry, and most importantly, make sure we're always bringing value to our clients and patients worldwide.

Revvity is focused on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cell and gene therapy.

To learn more about our integrated approach and discover how we can support your research and development needs, we invite you to meet us at ASGCT – Booth 2228.

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