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ProxiPlate 384-shallow well Plus, white, tissue culture treated, case of 160

Shallow-well 384-well white tissue culture-treated (TC-treated) microplate for lower volume and increased sensitivity in cell-based assays.

Tissue-culture treated microplates are supplied with lids except when supplied in a case of 200 microplates. Lids for a case of 200 microplates must be purchased separately. Please see part number 6007619, sterile, universal lids for 384-well plates.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product Variants
Part number: 6008230
Unit Size: Case of 50
List price: USD 668.08
Your price:
USD 0.00
USD 668.08 /each
Part number: 6008238
Unit Size: Case of 160
List price: USD 2,100.00
Your price:
USD 2,100.00
USD 2,100.00 /each
Part number: 6008239
Unit Size: Case of 200
List price: USD 2,064.00
Your price:
USD 0.00
USD 2,064.00 /each


white ProxiPlate-384 TC microplate contains shallow wells with a total volume of 20 µL, which allows 384-well sample volumes in 384-well format. shallow wells position samples much closer to analyzers detectors, which results in increased counting effciencies. increased sensitivity can also be used to reduce reagent costs in assays. se plates are manufactured from high-quality, white plastic resin, which reduces autofluorescence and results in low background signals. pinch bar design facilitates automated processing by robotized systems. Revvity microplates are produced under clean room conditions to reduce dust or or contaminants. Bar coded microplates are available.

Features & Benefits:
  • Unique, shallow wells increased sensitivity
  • Low reagent volumes efficient SPAs
  • High-gloss, white surface excellent reflectivity
  • Footprint conforms to proposed industry standard (SBS)
  • Pinch bar design optimal robotic processing
Typical Applications:
  • Low volume 96-well applications
  • Scintillation Proximity Assays (SPA)
Packaging Notes:
  • Cases of 50 are packaged as 2 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates.
  • TC-treated cases of 50 are packaged as 50 individually bagged and sealed lidded plates.
  • TC-treated cases of 160 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 20 lidded plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps of 4 lidded plates.
  • Cases of 200 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates.
  • TC-treated cases of 200 are packaged as 8 sleeves of 25 plates each. Each sleeve as 5 wraps with 5 plates. Lids are not included but can be ordered separately as Cat. No. 6005619 96-well plates or Cat. No. 6007619 384-well plates.

Additional product information

Well plate dimensions

Well format: 384-well

Description Specification
Number of rows 16
Number of columns 24
Well volume 28 µL
Recommended working volume 10 µL- 20 µL
Height (mm) 14.35
Length (mm) 127.76
Width (mm) 85.48
Well diameter (mm) 3.3
Well depth (mm) 5.3
A1 to top offset (mm) 8.99
A1 to side offset (mm) 12.13
Well-to-well spacing (mm) 4.5




Well Format
384.0 well plate
Well Shape
Cell Culture
Automation Compatible
Coating Treatment
Detection Method
Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF & TR-FRET)
One Unit Contains
160.0 plate(s)
Unit Size
Case of 160


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