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Cell Counting and Image Cytometry

We offer a leading portfolio of automated cell counters, image cytometry systems, and cell counting reagents and consumables. Together, they provide a fast, accurate and efficient way to assess cell health and viability, immunophenotyping, and perform a range of other routine cell-based assays.

The systems include the high-throughput Celigo® image cytometry system, the Cellaca® MX high-throughput cell counter, the Cellaca PLX image cytometry system, and Cellometer® automated cell counters. The platforms are complemented by a comprehensive range of consumables and reagents, including reagents and kits for cell counting assays and cell viability, microplates, slides, and counting beads.

Nexcelom's leading automated cell counting and image cytometry solutions are now part of our portfolio.

Cell Counting and Image Cytometry

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