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Host-pathogen Analysis

Transform your understanding of host-pathogen interactions

Host-pathogen interactions refer to the complex communication and interaction between a host (a human or animal) and a pathogen (a virus, bacterium or parasite) that can cause disease. Understanding how microbes evade host immune responses and how hosts defend themselves against these microbes is critical in the identification of potential targets. Host-pathogen interactions also play a crucial role in determining the severity and outcome of infections. Studying these interactions can help us identify better drug targets and improve our understanding of the mechanisms underlying infectious diseases.

The Revvity solution enables samples to be collected in remote, low resource settings, or across multiple timepoints. Now you can transform your understanding of host-pathogen interactions by analyzing single samples collected in remote low resource settings without loss of fragile cells.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Thanks to single cell sequencing, researchers now have an unprecedented view into this host-pathogen dialogue.

By decoding the genetic information of individual cells, single cell sequencing is transforming our understanding of host-pathogen interactions and paving the way for new approaches to treating infectious diseases.